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Dan Hellie

- June 19, 2014 |

“Everybody in this business has heard those nightmare stories about managers. You know, the one’s where they promise you NYC and deliver Buffalo. You sign with them and you end up finding your own job and still have to pay through the nose. As a young sports anchor I was expecting Jerry Maguire or Arliss, when I initially met Steve Herz. What I found was a guy who not only knows the television business, but knows the “people business” as well. He didn’t spend a round of golf (our first meeting) promising me dreams of grandeur. Steve didn’t break out a client list and say this is what we can do for you. Right after his first duck hook into the woods, he wanted to know the who’s, what, when, and where’s about me. A few weeks later I signed up and the rest—now fifteen years later—is history. They have a great feel for the game, and have devised a game plan that has worked for me. They have supported me both professionally and personally -half the company was even at my wedding. These guys are the complete package as managers and as people.”