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Daniel Jeremiah All Set For NFL Training Camp Tour

- July 28, 2014 |


by Michael Sones and Oritt Blum

IF client Daniel Jeremiah, an analyst for NFL Network and writer for, is set to embark on his third consecutive NFL training camp tour.  He will travel solo for two weeks, stopping at numerous camps along the way.  “I start with the Giants the first day.  From there I go to Buffalo and then it all kind of gets rolling.”  Jeremiah, who was once a scout for the Eagles, Browns and Ravens, will get the chance to visit all three of his former employers’ camps.  After Buffalo, it’s “Philly, then Cleveland, then Detroit.  Then I’ll fly down to Florida and I’ll do Tampa and Jacksonville.  Then I’ll head back up and do Baltimore.  And then I’ll fly out to Phoenix.  I might also go to Oakland after that, but it’s not yet finalized.”

Jeremiah is no stranger to long road trips.  “This [training camp tour] is a lot like what I was doing when I was scouting.  When I was scouting for teams you would take off on long trips like this, just visiting colleges.  The only difference is that there’s not 14,000 fans at the practice field.”  While traveling across the country might be a familiar feel, Jeremiah’s coverage of the camps this time around will be different from years past.  “In the past I’ve filed a training camp report for each team for  This year it might be more of, once I finish the trip, kind of what I’ve learned from visiting these teams and putting it into one big piece, with a lot of focus being on rookies.  I’m trying to focus on these rookies who I covered with my draft duties.  I’ve been talking about these guys for months leading up to the draft- who I thought they were and what they would do- and now I get to see them in action and follow up with them.  The neat thing about those guys is that you get to develop a relationship with them from having them on your draft show, so it’s nice to catch up with them once again as they’re getting settled in.”

In addition to writing a full recap for, Jeremiah will be on the air for NFL Network.  In fact, once he arrives every morning, he’ll only have about an hour before his first live hit.  “I’ll get there around noon and kind of just talk with the PR staff a little bit.  They’ll show me where we’re set up- we’ll have a spot right next to the practice field, where they’ll have the crew set up.  My first hit will be at 1 o’clock, before practice.  That’ll be talking about the big picture of the team and that kind of stuff. Then we’ll show a live portion of practice for an hour.  Then after that you grab a player or two and talk with them for some on-camera stuff.  Then we’ll usually have some down time, and we’ll stay there because the training camp coverage goes pretty much all day long.  Practice will be over at 8:30 but I’ll stay on the field until my last live hit at 8 o’clock.  At that point in time you get to know your crew really well because you’re the only ones left on the field.”

When Jeremiah has that rare bit of free time, he makes sure to check in with his buddies from his days as a scout.  “I’ll walk around [the camp] to see some of the other players or coaches that I have a relationship with, just to kind of catch up with them when they’ve got a moment.”  Jeremiah also finds time to catch up off the field.  “I’ll get back to the hotel and if I have friends with the team, I may have some free time and try to meet a scout or a coach and just hang out a little in the evenings.” However, people are usually pretty busy and Jeremiah finds himself back in his hotel room, “trying to study up and get ready for the next team.”

So which players is Jeremiah most excited about?  His first answer might be obvious.  “Manziel is a big one.  I’m really looking forward to seeing him.  The receivers too.  I’m going to get to see all of the top guys pretty much on this trip.  I’ll see Mike Evans down in Tampa and how he’s doing. Sammy Watkins- there’s already a lot of buzz about him in Buffalo. So the chance to see those guys will be fun.”  Which teams does he consider the early favorites? “All the buzz still is in the NFC West with the whole division.  Those are the best two teams- Seattle and San Francisco- and then Arizona and St. Louis are very talented.  I’m really looking forward to seeing Philly because I think they’re kind of forgotten about when you talk about those NFC power teams.  I think year two under Chip Kelly- I mean their offense was ridiculous last year.  I think if they can get a little better defensively, they can be a team to watch.  And the Saints too.  The NFC is just absolutely loaded, while the AFC is a little more top heavy.”

Be sure to check out NFL Network and to catch Daniel Jeremiah with all the latest news and updates from around NFL training camps.  We’ll follow up with him at the conclusion of his tour, so stay tuned!

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