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New NPR Chief Cites “Take Two” As A Blueprint For Success

- June 30, 2014 |


Even before Jarl Mohn officially takes over as NPR’s new chief executive, he has already learned a valuable lesson: “NPR must broaden its hiring, which will in turn broaden its audience.”

Mohn attributes this lesson to the success story of IF client A Martínez at KPCC in Los Angeles, where Martínez co-hosts the morning show, “Take Two.”  In an effort to increase the diversity of its audience, KPCC hired Martínez, who is Latino, in 2012.  Since then, the show’s Latino audience has jumped from approximately 10 percent to nearly 25 percent, and is still growing.

According to NPR’s ombudsman, “NPR’s newsroom staff is 77 percent white, and its audience even more so.”  Elizabeth Jensen of the New York Times examines this and more; click here to read her full-length article.