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Corey Williams to Call Several Pac-12 Games on ESPN

- November 06, 2013 |

Former Arizona Wildcat player and current IF Client Corey Williams will call several Pac-12 games for ESPN this season. Williams did mostly Pac-12 and WCC games last season and will have more with the Pac-12 this season.

Here is more information, via the Arizona Daily Star:

Williams lost his regular analyst position for many UA games last season, when the Pac-12 took over all locally produced games, but has bounced back by getting work with Fox and ESPN networks.

“Like my agent [Josh Santry] says, you try to get in there with different networks and get a home,” Williams said. “Like Miles (Simon) has a deal with ESPN – he’s all set and that’s the goal. So I was happy with last year and I’m very happy with this year.”

Williams said the scheduling works well with his job in Tucson selling mostly group insurance with Crest Insurance, though he often finds himself popping open his iPad and working on the road when he’s not at the arena.

“As soon as I check in to the hotel, I’m working until it’s game time,” Williams said.