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Four Characteristics of Great Broadcasters (Part 2)

- August 23, 2013 |


Happy Friday!

This week’s post is from Eldon Khorshidi, Director of Client Services.


A couple of months agoIF President Steve Herz shed light on four important traits all great broadcasters possess: Voice, Warmth, Energy and Sincerity. Today, we dig a little deeper, taking a look at four additional characteristics, all of which can be honed and developed over time.

Relatability — The vibe you give off—with your voice, intonation, appearance and on-air attitude—is a key component to how you are received. It is essential to connect with the audience. If you’re an expert on a particular topic, don’t come off as pretentious or superior; if possible,speak in layman’s terms, or at least break it down for the viewer to understand. Often times, well-received broadcasters are people who are down to earth, and seem fun to be around off camera.

Also, since you’re on television, humanizing yourself is a useful tool. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and try to put yourself in the shoes of the viewer, showing personality and engaging with your followers on TV and social media. It can go a long way.

Look — Physical appearance is very important. In fact, it’s the first point of contact with your audience. Make sure you dress appropriately, and are at least semi-consistent with your look.

Body Language —  Without effective body language (especially when reporting in the field), there’s a good chance people will lose interest in your message. Subtle hand motions help guide your story, and provide a nice balance for overall presentation. Don’t overdo it, but don’t just stand there with a blank face and your mouth moving.

Authority — There are hundreds of different news programs on television—why tune in to yours? Having authority is essential. On camera, you must appear confident and give the viewer a reason to stick around—do your research, use proper inflection and direct where the story is going. How a story is presented can have just as profound an effect as the content itself. Maintain a consistent energy level, and the easiest way to do that is to vary your delivery and inflect important words and phrases.

What are some traits you think are important for broadcasters? Who emulates them well? Let us know in the comments section below.