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The Importance of Bouncing Back

- June 27, 2013 |

This week’s post is from Carol Perry, Senior Vice President of News and General Counsel, about owning up to your mistakes and making the best of a bad situation.


Everyone faces difficult situations at work. Sometimes people allow these events to discourage or even cripple them. Most don’t realize that how you respond in tough times really shows who you are as a person, both professionally and personally. Here are some tips I have found helpful when crisis strikes in the workplace:

Stay calm.

Even though it can be difficult, try not to get anxious. If you stay calm, you are more likely capable of acting quickly and figuring out a solution to move forward. The only way to gain the reputation of being a problem solver is to remain calm and level headed.

Take responsibility.

If you make a mistake, own up to it and be genuine in your conciliation. For example, if you’ve missed an opportunity to market a client properly, make sure they know that it was an isolated incident, apologize, and move forward.

Don’t waste time.

If you do, something small could turn into a crisis. If you’ve offended a colleague or boss, apologize and nip it in the bud. Don’t beat yourself up about it, and definitely do something about it.


Turn lemons into lemonade.

Turn an argument or mistake into an opportunity to open up dialogue and communication. Perhaps this misstep can turn into something constructive. What you learn from failing can help you identify new ways of doing things and allows you to grow and become a better manager and leader.

This too shall pass.

Don’t harp on the mistake and let it prevent you from moving forward. The better you overcome and bounce back from any crisis, the more successful you will be long term.

We’ve all had our share of crises, but if you remember to remain calm, focus on a solution and see it as an opportunity to learn and lead, you’ll be in much better shape to handle obstacles in your future.